Share the download link of the top 10 essential plugins for WordPress 2022

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Using too many plugins will make your website heavier, the page loading speed is significantly reduced. In addition, the risk of conflicts between plugins is extremely dangerous for the website you are using. The following article we want to share with you the download link of the top 10 necessary and best plugins for WordPress to make a website in 2022. Do not ignore the article below.

1. Free download Plugin Social Auto Poster for WordPress

Social Auto Poster is a paid wordpress plugin that can automatically post your articles on social networks once you have configured this plugin. Just write content for your blog then public, sharing on social networks Plugin Social Auto Poster automatically completes.

Link download Social Auto Poster new version. Click here

2. Download pulin Dokan Pro free

Dokan Pro is a plugin that allows you to build an e-commerce site. Customers can create their own accounts and sell their products on it, and they can manage their own sales.

Link download Dokan Pro new version. Click here

3. Download free Plugin UpdraftPlus Premium new

UpdraftPlus Premium is the leading backup tool for WordPress today. Help your website minimize damage by attacks, server errors, update version errors. The product has a series of outstanding features such as scheduling backups, which have been tested on many different cases and platforms.

Link download UpdraftPlus Premium new version. Click here

4. Free download Plugin Thrive Architect for website

Thrive Architect  is the best Page Builder plugin (Tool to help design websites in general and landing pages in particular) on the WordPress platform, built and developed by  Thrivethemes. With Thrive Architect, you can turn all your ideas into the fastest, most intuitive website with extremely easy drag and drop.

Link download Thrive Architect new version. Click here

5. Share link download free Plugin Thrive Apprentice

Thrive Apprentice is an online course creation tool, right on your website without going through any intermediate online learning platform. You can sell the course right here, or use the course as bait to get customer emails.

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Link download Thrive Apprentice new version. Click here

6. Free download Plugin Thrive Quiz Builder new version

Thrive Quiz Builder is a Content Creation Software solution with suitable functionality and cost for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large enterprises. Thrive Quiz Builder software is highly appreciated by both users and experts in the field of Content Marketing Software.

Link download Thrive Quiz Builder new version. Click here

7. Link download free Plugin Thrive Leads for website

Thrive Leads is a Plugin that allows you to A/B Test and automatically select the best Leads. This is a great feature that not all PopUp plugins offer. Always find a better form and keep repeating the test process will help you increase your conversion rate gradually over time. It is an advanced function that you must know how to take advantage of.

Link download Thrive Leads new version. Click here

8. Free download link Plugin Thrive Optimize

Thrive Optimize is a simple A/B testing add-on for Thrive Architect (only for Thrive Suite customers) that gives you the power to run fast and highly efficient split tests for pages your destination – directly on your WordPress site.

Link download Thrive Optimize new version. Click here

9. Share link download free Plugin Thrive Clever Widgets new

Thrive Clever Widgets is a Plugin that provides full control over where widgets are displayed on your website. This means that you will only show highly relevant content to your visitors. So your website gets more attention and you get more conversions.

Link download Thrive Clever Widgets new version. Click here

10. Download free PluginThrive Ovation new version

Thrive Ovation is a tool to help you create customer review forms, extremely convenient. The designs are already available, just change the image and change the text. Beautiful, fast, and extremely professional.

Link download Thrive Ovation new version. Click here

Above is the link to download the top 10 essential plugins for WordPress 2022 that we want to share with you. There are also many free themes and plugins that you can download.

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