Top 10 plugin and themes dedicated to each WordPress website

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Theme is the interface that makes WordPress stylish and user-friendly, Plugin makes WordPress more flexible and powerful. The fact that the current number of plugins on WordPress is so many makes us become confused when choosing the best plugin for setting up our website. Here are the top 10 plugin  and themes specific to each WordPress website that we want to share with you.

1. Free download plugin Thrive Ultimatum for WordPress

Thrive Ultimatum is the perfect marketing toolkit you’ve been looking for for your WordPress website. Ultimatum provides advanced features that make marketing campaigns more powerful and effective.


Link download Thrive Ultimatum new version. Click here

2. Share plugin Thrive Headline Optimizer free download

Thrive Headline Optimizer is a plugin that provides you with a number of different tools aimed at increasing conversion rates on your WordPress site. Thrive Headline Optimizer is a piece of software that you will want to consider using if you are interested in enhancing the quality of your blog titles.

Link download Thrive Headline Optimizer new version. Click here

3. Free download plugin Bloom Email Opt-In

Bloom Email Opt-In is a great Email Opt-in form builder plugin to help you collect email lists quickly and conveniently. You just need to create Email Opt-in forms and place them on your website.

Link download Bloom Email Opt-In new version. Click here

4. Download free plugin WPMU Dev SmartCrawl for WordPress

WPMU Dev SmartCrawl gives you everything for the fastest WordPress SEO, with top features like: automatic SEO audits and reports, automatic sitemap generator and search engine notifications, title and meta description,…

Link download WPMU Dev SmartCrawl new version. Click here

5. Free download plugin WP Fastest Cache Premium new Version

WP Fastest Cache Premium is a plugin that helps your wordpress website improve page loading speed quickly. By compressing data into static html files, the loading speed will be significantly reduced. The plugin will generate static html pages from your WordPress website.

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Link download WP Fastest Cache Premium new version. Click here

6. Download pglin Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder free

Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder is an addon that extends the  Beaver Builder. This addon will add more than 45+ modules, 250+ templates to any Beaver Builder package (Free, Standard, Pro & Agency) and you can also use it for any wordpress theme. If you like Beaver Builder then this is a great addon not to be missed.

Link download Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder new version. Click here

7. Free download pulin Astra Premium Sites for website

Astra Premium Sites is a plugin that helps you to enable Astra Site Starter on Astra Theme. This plugin, when installed, will have many pre-designed theme templates available by the theme developer Astra for you to import, edit and use more easily with lots of sample data.

Link download Astra Premium Sites new version. Click here

8. Share plugin Perfmatters free download

Perfmatters is a premium performance WordPress plugin that allows you to disable unnecessary features (mainly JavaScript & CSS) to speed up your website.

Link download Perfmatters new version. Click here

9. Download free plugin LearnDash LMS new version

LearnDash LMS is the most popular online learning website (LMS) plugin on the market today. And whether or not the LearnDash look you choose for your website is appropriate will have a big impact on your success.

Link download LearnDash LMS new version. Click here

10. Free download plugin Content Egg for WordPress

Content Egg – is a completely free WordPress plugin, you can make money from this plugin by marketing products from a certain CPA carrier such as Accesstrade or linking directly with Lazada.

Link download Content Egg new version. Click here

Above are the top 10 plugin and themes dedicated to each WordPress website that we want to share with you. There are also many free themes and plugins that you can download.

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