Top 10 best free WordPress plugin installation links in 2022

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Plugins in WordPress are an extremely important extension to help you complete your website easily. There are thousands of Plugins with different functions. As long as you have a need, most of your needs are supported by the Plugin and ready for you to use. You can use Plugins in WordPress for many different types of websites simply. Here is a summary of the 10 best free WordPress plugin installation links in 2022 that we share for your reference.

1. Share link download free plugin Master Popups

Master Popups is a powerful WordPress popup plugin to create popups, Full Screen Popups, Notification Bars, Popup Menus and Inline and Widget Popups.

Link download Plugin Master Popups new version. Click here

2. Download free plugin Media Cleaner Pro for WordPress

Media Cleaner Pro is a plugin that automatically analyzes & finds unused media files on your WordPress site, thereby performing cleaning to free up space for the web.

Link download Plugin Media Cleaner Pro new version. Click here

3. Plugin FooEvents for WooCommerce free download

FooEvents for WooCommerce  is a plugin that allows you to sell tickets and online booking services at your website professionally. FooEvents plugin for WooCommerce to book and sell unlimited tickets for physical events or online events.

Link download Plugin FooEvents for WooCommerce new version. Click here

4. Link download plugin Quadmenu Pro new version

QuadMenu Pro is a WordPress Mega Menu plugin that allows you to design your menu. With QuadMenu Pro, you can easily create mega menus, tabbed menus, carousel menus, and define a custom template for each menu location.

Link download Plugin QuadMenu Pro new version. Click here

5. Download free plugin Coupon Wheel for WooCommerce

Coupon Wheel will be displayed when customers want to close the website. The customer will then be offered to spin the wheel/spin, for a chance to win discounts from various coupons. This plugin not only prevents customers from leaving, but also increases customer engagement through the use of coupon codes.

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Link download Plugin Coupon Wheel new version. Click here

6. Share link download free plugin MailWizz Email Marketing

MailWizz Email Marketing is a simple, effective and full-featured Email marketing application with a lot of impressive features. You can use it to manage  email marketing  campaigns for all your websites, or all email related things in one place.

Link download Plugin MailWizz Email Marketing new version. Click here

7. Free download plugin MapSVG Interactive Vector new version

MapSVG Interactive Vector is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create interactive and customizable maps, floor plans, infographics, diagrams and any other type of interactive graphics using SVG files for guests. customers know their physical location.

Link download MapSVG Interactive Vector new version. Click here

8. Download free plugin Elite Video Player for website

Elite Video Player is one of the best Video Player WordPress Plugin in WordPress repository. This plugin allows you to play YouTube Videos, Vimeo Videos and Self-hosted Videos. It also allows you to import playlists and supports ads.

Link download Elite Video Player new version. Click here

9. Share free link download plugin Coin Market Cap & Prices

Coin Market Cap is the most referenced website for tracking the prices of cryptocurrencies in the world on the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market.

Link download Coin Market Cap new version. Click here

10. Download free plugin Max Mega Menu Pro new version

Max Mega Menu Pro  is the perfect solution to create mega menu on  WordPress fully responsive, SEO friendly and has unlimited depth, elasric header (allows you to move hover elements as you want) , powerful admin module to manage your content (add , set their width, position of each column), drag drop menu builder tool and much more.

Link download Max Mega Menu Pro new version. Click here

Above are 10 free installation links for WordPress plugins that we want to share with you. There are also many free themes and plugins that you can download on this site.

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