Share 10 good free and paid plugins on any WordPress site

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Depending on each Website, there will be different plugin options that are suitable. If you are designing your own WordPress website but have not yet chosen the right plugin, you can refer to the article below. We share with you 10 Good Free and Paid Plugins on Every WordPress Website You Might Ever Need. Help you have a separate Website that suits your needs and your purposes.

1. Download free plugin CSS Hero Pro

CSS Hero  is a WordPress plugin that allows to edit the WordPress interface, without touching any lines of code (No need to know HTML or CSS). The user can completely roll back the changes, very suitable for those who are new to using.

Link download CSS Hero new. Click here

2. Plugin Yottie Youtube Gallery free download

Yottie Youtube Gallery is one of the most trending YouTube WordPress Plugins in codecanyon. Thanks to them, you can merge videos from multiple sources, organize them by stream using Yottie.

Link download Yottie Youtube Gallery. Click here

3. Free download Hide My WP new version

Hide My Wp is a plugin that helps protect your website from the risk of hacking and snooping. Specifically, it can prevent spam, hide themes, hide sensitive files, change the default WordPress admin path, detect and block RSS, SQL Injection security attacks ….

Link download Hide My Wp new. Click here

4. Free download Plugin Schema Pro

Schema Pro is a plugin that helps create schema for your website with quick and easy operation, in just a few minutes you can create schema for hundreds or thousands of articles based on available templates.

Link download Schema Pro new. Click here

5. Download Plugin Pretty Links free for website

Pretty Links is a very popular link shortener plugin that most Affiliate websites use. Plugin Pretty Links used to shorten links makes Affiliate affiliate marketing great, very useful for coupon or document sharing sites. This is a plugin used by many marketers to beautify links, it is very good for SEO and it is also very easy to use.

Link download Pretty Links. Click here

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6. Download free Plugin AffiliateWP new version

AffiliateWP is a  plugin for WordPress that makes affiliate marketing simple and easy to use. You can allow others to sign up for your affiliate program and AffiliateWP will automatically track the visitors and purchases these individuals send your way so you can pay them a commission for their efforts. their force.

Link download AffiliateWP new. Click here

7. Free download Plugin Use-Your-Drive Google Drive

Use-your-Drive is an innovative, customizable, nifty Google Drive plugin built-in for WordPress that beautifully displays your files in Google Drive. No coding skills are required to use this software and you can easily link your Google Drive account to the plugin with just one click.

Link download Use-Your-Drive Google Drive. Click here

8. Free download Plugin Divi Booster

Divi Booster is a WordPress plugin that makes customizing the Divi theme super easy & fast. Divi Booster   helps speed up your Divi Theme, giving you more time to focus on design and less time to load it.

Link download Divi Booster . Click here

9. Download Plugin Directories Pro new for WordPress

Directories Pro WordPress is a plugin that allows you to create any type of folder that is extremely responsive and uses caching to optimize the performance of folders from both desktop and mobile devices.

Link download Plugin Directories Pro. Click here

10. Free download Plugin Facebook Messenger for WordPress new version

Facebook Messenger for WordPress is a reliable sales facebook plugin for wordpress, is one of the optimal solutions to help bridge the gap between businesses and customers. To increase the collection of leads that last a lifetime.

Link download Facebook Messenger for WordPress. Click here

Above are the top 10 good free and paid Plugins on every WordPress website that we want to share with you. There are also many free themes and plugins that you can download.

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