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WordPress’s library system has loads of free, valuable Plugins that also exist for WordPress websites. When you start creating Webiste, it’s a good idea to learn about Plugins specifically for your purposes. This will make the website beautiful and create sympathy for the viewers. The article shares 10 effective WordPress SEO plugins that you should install before you start creating your own wordpress website.

1. Share Plugin Layered Popups download free

The Layered Popups plugin allows you to create popup windows. That means they allow you to layer images on top of each other very creatively and attractively. This plugin has a visual editor that makes it easy for anyone to create and make changes to the design of popup windows.

Link download Layered Popups new. Click here

2. Download free Plugin WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is the easiest to use plugin. Users can quickly and easily add customized Google maps to WordPress posts and/or other pages thanks to the built-in shortcode.

Link download WP Google Maps new. Click here

3. Free download Directory Pro new version

Directory Pro is a multi-featured wordpress plugin distributed by Codecanyon. Directory Pro allows you to create directory website with wordpress platform in minutes.

Link download Directory Pro. Click here

4. Free download Plugin WP Media Boxes for WordPress

WordPress Media Boxes is a portfolio plugin that allows you to display all types of content in a powerful grid. Use it for blog posts, display media, clients, portfolios, galleries and more. it comes with a powerful filtering, sorting and search system.

Link download Media Boxes new. Click here

5. Free download AutomateWoo for website

AutomateWoo is a plugin that allows automation of Marketing (Marketing Automation) for your WooCommerce store. Help customer care & increase conversion rate better without having to spend a lot of effort.

Link download AutomateWoo. Click here

6. Share Plugin WhatsApp for WordPress free download

WhatsApp for WordPress is the best WhatsApp plugin for WordPress, also the most effective one-click chat widget without cost. This tool provides a fresh and user-friendly interface to WhatsApp.

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Link download free Plugin WhatsApp for WordPress. Click here

7. Free download Plugin WooCommerce Extra Product Options

WooCommerce Extra Product Options is a Plugin that helps you create options with many different types such as data input, color selection, checkboxes, radios, upload fields, and more. and you can add unit price for each option for customers to choose, when they choose, it will add money to the order.

Link download luglin WooCommerce Extra Product Options free. Click here

8. Download Plugin Booster for WooCommerce free new version

Booster for WooCommerce  is a fairly comprehensive WooCommerce support plugin with more than 100 modules, to help speed up your e-commerce website. It works as a set of plugins (similar to  Jetpack) with a lot of useful features from product management, selling price to orders, payments, shipping.

Link download Booster for WooCommerce. Click here

9. Free download Plugin WooCommerce Notification for Website

The WooCommerce Notification plugin is a plugin that will generate customer purchase notifications from real orders on the web or create virtual order notifications of your own.

Link download WooCommerce Notification. Click here

10. Download Plugin WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that tracks visitors and pageviews on your website. WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro integrates with your Google Analytics account to track eCommerce events in your store, including advanced event tracking like purchases, product reviews, coupon usage , full refunds on orders, and more.

Link download WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro new. Click here

Above are the top 10 free WordPress SEO plugins that we want to share with you. There are also many free themes and plugins that you can download.

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